Our Stories

A Field Trip!


We had a very eventful weekend. We went to the vets and got some shots and a micro chip thing in our necks. Ouch, that one hurt!!!


On Saturday and on Sunday we spent most of each day outside. On Saturday, the boys helped us walk out the drive all the way to the gate. It was very hard to walk that far. It was even harder to remember what direction we were supposed to go. The boys helped by carrying some of us part of the way. When we got to the end of the drive the boys took some of us to the neighbors to show us off.

It was very bouncy being carried by little boys and we felt a little squished around the middle, but we had great fun. Then we had to walk all the way home. We were tired puppies. Today, a lot of people (our mom, Mira and the little boys) helped us on our walk. It was hot today and by the time we got passed the pond we were pooped! We rested in the cool grass in the shade by the pond. We watched the little boys fish. Some of us played with tennis balls. It wasn't easy to talk us into walking back home, we wanted to play in the cool woods, but in the end we cane when we were called and toddled home. We were resting all evening from our expedition. Then we got our toenails cut. That woke us up! We HATE that!

Tomorrow we hear we get our temperaments tested. Life is getting VERY exciting. Our other mom tells us that it will be even more exciting very soon. We will find out which families we will get to make into our own, where we won't have to share attention with quite so many other dogs. It's time for our midnight snack not. Bye!

















   Going to the Veterinarian!


Our first visit to the vets was very exciting and a little scary, but we did great. Our litter was a big one so we had to go in two crates. so we could all go into the office together we got to ride in a double decker crate "bus". Everyone thought we were quite cute and after we were fussed over, held and cooed over so we didn't mind it a bit. Our vet is very good with puppy treats and very quick with a needle so we hardly knew anything had happened while we were there. Now we are all set to meet our new families!!




Puppy City!



Many years ago one of my grandsons built a "Puppy City" for the pups to play in outside.


I wasn't sure they would fully appreciate it but after some initial reservation they got into the swing of it. The had a laboratory bldg, a ghost house, a sewer plant (??), a disco dance floor and a cave. It was an altogether positive experience for all and after a long while the piled up and went to sleep.


This was then.                                2003


This is how Puppy City has evolved as the boys 'evolved'.


We are only able to have really elaborate cities for spring and summer pups. (They are only in the cities for a few hours a day when the weather is good and the boys are available.) Winter pups have to make due with smaller versions in the whelping room. New owners of Wildhorn pups report on the fact that their Entles instantly and excitedly gravitate towards children whenever they see them! We like that.